Ce trajet promet un dépaysement dans un cadre naturel riche en paysage. Vous aurez l’occasion d’explorer des parcs nationaux avec ses forêts luxuriantes, ses faunes et flores fascinantes. Au long du trajet, vous le canal des Pangalanes qui est la signature de la côte Est. Mais surtout, la découverte de la « côte vanille », le Nord Est de la grande île dont le parc Masoala, Nosy Mangabe…, Sans oublier l’immersion avec la population locale. Le séjour balnéaire sur Sainte Marie vous promet un moment de détente.

16 days - 15 nights

Departure from Antananarivo to reach Antsirabe. On the road, through rolling hills the plains and ricefields form a mosaic of colours like a giant patchwork. Stop at Ambatolampy to visit the aluminium processing workshop. Lunch at your expense. In the afternoon, a visit to the spa passing by the various workshops (miniature, embroidery, cutting of semi-precious stones and horn), the Independence Avenue, the railway station… Bed and breakfast in a hotel.
Departure to Fianarantsoa, the Betsileo capital city. Passage to Ambositra, the capital of crafts. A visit to a sculpture and marquetry workshop. With a small income but a lot of skill and ingenuity the craftsman can make up artistic works. Lunch at your expense. Crossing a very mountainous region, and from time to time villages with rice paddies in floors below. The architecture of houses always with pillars, typical of the Highlands. Arrival and installation in a hotel.

Depending on train availability, departing every Tuesday and Saturday
Early departure by the “small train of the cliffs” connecting the eastern coastal plain and the central Highlands. The railway line was built from the rails that were confiscated from the Germans in Alsace at the time of their defeat in the First World War. The route, in an area with very rugged terrain, in the middle of lush vegetation, crosses lively villages. The passage of the train in each station is always a folk event with the fruit, doughnut and frying sellers who clump around the train as it enters the station. Descent from the train and car transfer to Manakara. Arrival in the late evening. Bed and breakfast in a hotel.

City tour of Manakara in the morning. Then drive to Mananjary, the twins’town, in the afternoon. Some stops in the villages along the road. Bed and breakfast in a hotel

Boarding the boat at about 07:00. The Canal offers sceneries of daily life in symbiosis with a natural environment populated by legends and beliefs. After the passage of Andragnazavaka Bay and the visit to the village of Ampandomana, picnic stop. A short stop for a visit to Mahela to see the “anchor of Jean LABORDE” a trusted man and architect of Queen Ranavalona 1st (reign from 1828 to 1861). Arrival at Ambohitsara. Discovery of the “white elephant”, an enigmatic statue that depicts an elephant rather than a wild boar. The trunk is clearly marked as well as the broken tusks. Legend has it that Raminia brought it back from Mecca. Continuation up to Nosy Varika, meeting with the “bush boats” and the fishermen’s canoes. Installation in a bed and breakfast hotel.
Accommodation: BIVOUAC

The journey continues. Lush vegetation: bamboo forest , palm trees, ferns, pandanus, raffia, elephant ears, allamanda, aquatic plants and the comet, a rare orchid species from Madagascar, border the Pangalanes Canal. Passage to Lagnampotsy Bay, picnic break around noon in a place overlooking the Bay. Continuation of navigation. A small stop at Ampangalana, a small village nestled on the banks of the Canal. The fishermen’s canoes pass by us in this green network of lakes and lagoons that form the famous Canal. One of the highlights of that last day of navigation is the passage of the mouth of the Mangoro River with its strong currents that contrast with the calm of the Canal. Progress to Mahanoro via the small ferries canal. We will reach the city of Mahanoro in the early evening. Disembark at the river port around 5:30 p.m. Bed and breakfast in a hotel.
Departure for Tamatave. The road lined with eucalyptus and grevilia forest up to Vatomandry lets you see the Pangalanes Canal at times. The traveller’s tree and palm trees are ubiquitous until your arrival in Tamatave, the second largest city of Madagascar and the island’s first port. Installation in a bed and breakfast hotel.

Speedy tour of tamatave. Then drive to the North to get to Mahambo, the seaside resort known for surfing. Passage to Foulpointe. Arrival in Mahambo a famous surfing site in the late afternoon. Bed and breakfast in a hotel.

Transfer to the embarking point. Then embarking to Sainte Marie Island, the ancient pirates’Island today become a charming seaside resort. On your arrival, transfer to your lodging. Setting in a hotel, lunch and afternoon in your charge, possibility of performing a lot of activities there. Half-board night in a hotel.
Day in your charge. Other activities can be under-taken on the site: diving, canoeing, whale safari, seaside relaxation… Half-board night in a hotel.

Boat transfer to Soanierana Ivongo, in order to wait for the favourable moment to embark to Maroantsetra on a speedy boat. On your arrival, installation in a hotel for the night on half-board.

Departure for a guided tour of Masoala National Park. The largest national park in Madagascar, with an area of 230,000 ha. Tour in the virgin forest in search of the Red Vari and the Helmet Vanga. Meeting with the people of the village (local cultures and dances); vanilla and clove cultivation, rice paddies; a visit to the school. Night out: Lepilemur, Microcebe, Avahi. You can see coral reefs, mangroves, rainforests and a rare palm tree known as Ravimbe or Marojejya. There is also the lemur named Varecia rubra. Half-board night in a hotel.
Duration of the visit: about 5 hrs

With another circuit, you can explore the largest park in the Big Island. Half-board night in the hotel.
Duration of the visit: about 5 hrs

Early morning boat departure to reach the island, observation of the primary forest, self-guided botanical trail. Mask, palm, snorkel for the exploration of the community marine reserve. Return by boat to Maroantsetra for the night on half board in the hotel.
Transfer to Maroantsetra airport for a flight to the capital city of Antananrivo. On your arrival, transfer to a bed and breakfast hotel.
Possibility of buying souvenir articles at the local handicraft market.

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