The “Wonders of the North” gives you the opportunity to appreciate the exoticism of the Northern area including the national parks and reserves with their respective biodiversity(endemic fauna, fascinating geological formations, marine biodiversity, ...) to admire the surrounding islands of Nosy Be , to discover different components of the Malagasy people and their lifestyles. It also allows you to admire multitude of authentic sceneries. Not to mention the seaside relaxations.

17 days - 16 nights

Departure to the West to reach Ankarafantsika. We take the National road 4, cross the huge plateau of Tampoketsa and go along the Betsiboka River with its raging waters in the ochre and red colors of laterites drained up-stream. Continuation on the Road of Mango trees, the name given to the road connecting Antananarivo and Mahajanga. Passage to Maevatananaa city of the hottest in the country. Continuation to reach Ankarafantsika best known for its national park. Lemurs are present in one of the last forests in the region. Transfer to your hotel. Half-board night in a hotel.

A visit to Ankarafantsika National Park with 130,000 hectares of dry, wet forest, its many lakes (some of them infested with crocodiles, acting as a water reservoir for the rice farming of the Marovoay plain). Many reptiles and birds to discover such as the Terpsiphonemutata or the paradise fly catcher, Haliaetusvociferoides or the Pygargue of Madagascar or the eagle which can fish and is one of the seven rarest raptors in the world. After the visit, departure for Antsohihy on the national road 6 which lead to Antsiranana (Diego). Bed and breakfast in the hotel.
Walking time: 4 hours according to the chosen tour

Continuation to the North to reach Ankify. Lunch at your expense at Ambanja. This place is famous for cocoa plantation, coffee, banana and other spices. Half-board night in a hotel.

Drive to Ankify the embarking point to reach Nosy Be. Tranfer to Nosy Be on a swift boat. On your arrival, installation in a bed and breakfast hotel.

Discovering the satellite islands of Nosy Be. First stop at Nosy Komba, 2nd lardgest island after Nosy Be. Then, continuation to Nosy Tanikely in the late afternoon. Distribution of flippers, diving mask and snorkel and diving into a protected submarine natural reserve. Real marine life-size aquarium to admire corals, anemones, myriads of multicoloured fish, crustaceans, groupers, moray eels, and sea turtles. Walk to the lighthouse to discover the redheads and lemurs perched on the endemic trees. Lizards, chameleons and butterflies will accompany you along this trail and delight you. Return at the end of the day. Bed and breakfast in a hotel.

On board and heading to Nosy Iranja, the farthest island from Nosy Be. An authentic landscape formed by the white sandbanks connecting two islands. The perfect place to see turtles. Picnic lunch on the site. Back to the perfume island. Bed and breakfast in a hotel.

Boat transfer to Ankify, then direction to the North to reach Mahamasina village. This place is famous for its grey tsingy. Half-board night in a hotel. 

A day dedicated to visit the Ankarana National Park. An extraordinary site formed by the Tsingy (a spectacular geological complex), the cave of the Bats, and biodiversity (lemurs, typical plants of the area...). Half-board night in your hotel.
Walking time: 4 hours according to the chosen tour

Still on the National road 6, heading toward the North. Junction to discover the Red Tsingy. Consisting of marl sandstone and erosioned limestone, the Tsingy Rouges are very attractive and unique geological sites in Madagascar. Picnic lunch (at your expense) then continuation on the road to Joffreville. Half-board night in a hotel.

Departure for a guided tour of the Amber Mountain National Park via Joffre town former settlers’resort . Anchored in a volcanic complex of 1475m with its 18,000ha of tropical rainforest, the park is home to a very rich flora and fauna. The world’s smallest chameleon “ brookesia minima”, the Malagasy carnivore “fosa” Cryptoproctaferox, or the “aye aye” Daubentoniamadagascariensis, among the 168 species identified for the flora. A few waterfalls and several crater lakes in the middle of this green and tropical nature will surely amaze you. Lunch at your expense. Half-board night in a hotel.

Departure to reach Ramena Beach, one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Through the sandy beaches of the 3 bays (dune bay, pigeon bay, and sakalava bay) beautiful sceneries will pleasantly surprise you. Setting up at the hotel for bed and breakfast.

Boarding a swift boat to reach the Esmerald Sea, the must-see Northern Madagascar. In the afternoon, return to Ramena, then to Diego. Bed and breakfast in your hotel.

Day in your charge. You can enjoy sea activities here. Bed and breakfast in your hotel.

City tour of Antsiranana via the port, the local market, and passing by the old colonial buildings. Bed and breakfast in a hotel. 

Transfer to the airport for the domestic flight to Antananarivo. On your arrival, transfer to your hotel. Bed and breakfast in your hotel.

City tour via the middle town then the upper town. Lunch at your expense. A visit to the handicrafts market to buy souvenir articles. Bed and breakfast in your hotel.

Day use in hotel. Then transfer to the airport for the final flight.

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