Terms of Sales

Article 1.

Holidays Madagascar is a company incorporated under Malagasy law. As a receptive / tour operator, Holidays Madagascar systematically proposes offers with net prices as in all direct purchases at source. It can also offer its services subject to customers’ approbation of these conditions of sale. (In all cases, particular customers wishing to benefit from the guarantees in force in the countries of the European Union may be reoriented, at their request, to European travel agencies partners of Holidays Madagascar)

Article 2. The content of the services:

For your information, we include in all our programs what is included in the price and what is not.

Article 3. The price

The price of our offer fixed at the time of the order is the net price, which remains valid except in case of a significant depreciation of the Malagasy Ariary currency compared to the euro. From a depreciation compared to the euro of -5% between the date of the billing’s establishment and the full payment of the order, we may have to update the billing price. In any case, no possible modification of the offer price may be applied after the full payment of the order.

Article 4. Payment

We send you a bill with the program. The way of payment will be precised on the bill. Except particular dispositions (*),in general, the payment for the order must comply with the following terms:

  • At the time of order, payment of a deposit corresponding to at least 30% of the package price.
  • Payment of the balance must be made no later than 31 days before departure, without reminder from us.

For all orders registered within 31 days of departure, full payment at once will be required. A receipt with confirmation of reservations will be given to you upon each payment. Exchange vouchers will be given to the customer upon his arrival in Madagascar upon presentation of the receipt or, in any case, after the payment has been settled in full.

(*) Customers who wish can pay the entire bill at once. In addition, payment at the start of covering could also be considered, on a case-by-case, exceptionally for customers who have already used the services of Holidays Madagascar (i.e. former customers); with the possibility, however, for them to pay all or part of the invoice in advance if they wish.

Article 5. Responsabilities

In agreement with tour operator partners and so-called “occasional” customers, our receptive has to choose different providers (carriers, …) for the realization of its programs. These providers are operators approved by the Ministry of Tourism of Madagascar therefore empowered to organize the support and the provision of services relating to their respective specialties in terms of know-how, logistics and civil liability.

The role of our receptive consists in coordinating the interventions of all the providers between them, so that each participant respects the program requirements, and if necessary find alternative solutions, at the same level, while remaining within the logic of the program.

In any case our receptive cannot be held as responsible for circumstances due to major difficulties, and non-program services purchased on site by the client.

Holidays Madagascar has taken out professional liability insurance with the insurance company NY HAVANA in Antananarivo

Article 6. Cancellations

In the event of cancellation, the amount of costs retained is calculated as follows:

  • More than 31 days before the start of the program and cover = 50 euros penalty per person
  • From 26 to 30 days from the start of the program and coverage = 50% of the total amount of the package
  • From 21 to 25 days from the start of the program and taking charge = 60% of the total amount of the package
  • From 15 to 20 days from the start of the program and taking charge = 80% of the amount of the package
  • Less than 15 days before the start of the program and cover = 100% of the total amount

Article 7. Notes and recommandations

Any shortened trip, any service not used by the traveler cannot give rise to any refund. The modification of the services, for personal convenience, may result in additional charges.

We cannot be held as responsible for thefts, omissions, losses or deterioration of purchases and / or personal items.

Madagascar is a country that opens up to tourism. Customers are invited to stay informed of local realities. Our receptive is at the disposal of all interlocutors to act in this direction

Special recommendations concerning sanitary conditions (see with the doctor for antimalarial treatment) and hygiene rules (drink bottled mineral water, avoid raw vegetables in small restaurants, etc.) must be observed during the stay.

In principle, the services offered do not present any major risks or difficulties, but it is obvious that a minimum of physical conditions and vigilance are essential : do not hesitate to ask for advice from accommodation providers, guides or drivers.

The subscription by the customer of an individual multi-risk cancellation insurance, assistance, repatriation, etc. is highly recommended. Indeed, the receptive (see the paragraphs "The price" and "Responsibilities"), as part of an order purchased at a net price is not responsible for any incidents or accidents occurring during the stay.

Article 8. Recours

In the case of a conflict , the Antananarivo court is competent.

Our receptive remains at your disposal for further additional information.

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