During your stay, you will contemplate the diversity of Nature ans sceneries of the western part of the Island with the Tsiribihina River and the Tsingy of Bemaraha. Meeting with the local people, cultural immersion and discovery of Nature will be the assets of the trip. Not to mention the beautiful sceneries throught the Tsingy and the Baobab Alley.

10 days - 09 nights

Drive on the National Road 7 to Antsirabe; through undulating hills, the plains and ricefields make up a highly-coloured mosaic like a giant patchwork. Stop at ambatolampy for a visit to a worshop for salvaging and transforming aluminium (closed on Sundays). The casting of melting aluminium into earthen moulds is spectacular. Many ustenils ans pans come out of this foudry which use an ancestor’s skill. Lunch at your expense at Antsirabe. Drive in the Highlands to get to Miandrivazo. Set between the Bongolava chain on the East and the Bemaraha Plateau on the West, Miandrivazo is a very richarea. It produces tobacco, beans and peanuts. It is a place for breeding cows ans pigs. Arrival in Miandrivazo in the early evening. Bed and breakfast in your hotel.
Transfer to Masekampy pier and embarking on barges. These boats with a shallow draught were used to carry tobacco in the colonization time. Today, refittes they offer most agreeable cruising on the rivers. After crossing the Mahajilo River “making strong”, you begin to go down the Tsiribihina River. Lush vegetation by the riverside: mango trees, tamarina trees, aquatic bamboo… not to mention the fauna which can enliven the cruise like: the propothèque de verreaux or “Sifaka”, the teal (wild duck) , the duck with a bump, and the guinea-fowl… You sometimes happen to see crocodiles sunbatting on the sandbanks. Arrival at Anosinampela in the late afternoon. Bivouac on full board.
Accommodation: BIVOUAC
Before continuing going down the river, impossible to miss Anosinampela, a beautiful natural pool 80m from the riverbank. Very fresh water is waiting for you for a swim while you are enjoying the beauty of the cascade. The lemurs also appreciate the site and watch you. After a good swim, you continue your journey with a stop for a visit to Begidro, a village where you’ll have the opportunity to discover the simple and real daily life of the people living by the riverside. Arrival at Tsaraontana in the late evening. In the evening friendly meeting and songs by the firecamp with the villagers who live nearby. Bivouac on full board.
Accommodation: BIVOUAC
You’ll soon get to Beraketa pier, the end of the descent. Passage to a great sandbank, the area where every seven years the famous Sakalava tradition called “Fitampoha” or “relics Bath” takes place. After lunch, continuation on the track RN8 to reach Bekopaka. Arrival in the evening. Half-board night in a hotel.
The day will be dedicated to the guided tour of the Great Tsingy which makes the site of the national park “Tsingy of Bemarha” famous with its 157,710 ha. The Tsingy or “pointed rocks” are calcareous peaks cut across by dry dense forests classified as Unesco World Heritage site. It is the domain of the lemurs (rufus, hapilémurs, sufaka) but also of birds and mangos endemic too, with its annulate, long queue. Half-board night in a hotel.
A day dedicated to the guided tour of the National Park of the Tsingy of Bemaraha, the “Small Tsingy” where you can see the evolution of the rock peaks, many circuits can be performed with plenty of species of fauna and flora: lemurs like sufaka, (Propithecus Verreaux), the Aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis), birds: the Eagle which can fish or “Ankoay”. You can also find the “Musa Perrieri”, the only endemic banana of Madagascar. Installation and half-board night in a hotel.
Drive to reach Morondava. Crossing the Manambolo River by ferries. Track often chaotic. Stp at Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, crossing the river by ferries. Before reaching Morondava, three main villages are crossed: Amboainalika, Behamitsy, and Andimaka. In the late afternoon, the Baobab Alley is adorned with bright colours at sunset. Bed and breakfast in a hotel.
Free days with activities to be performed on the site. Overnight with bed and breakfast in your hotel.
Transfer to the airport for the domestic flight to Antananarivo. You’ll be given a warm welcome on your arrival and transferred to a bed and breakfast hotel.

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